Driven by Success


Our Mission

To persistently build on the company shareholders’ asset by:

  • Continuously upgrading and modernizing the manufacturing facilities with the latest technology.

  • Developing a design and market driven organization.

  • Excelling in entrancing the organization’s effectiveness and professionalism.

  • To satisfy customers’ needs and aspirations in the growth regions of Asia- Pacific and selected worldwide markets.

Our marketing credo....

We are in the business of:

  • Providing for self-expression.

  • Complementing and enriching the evolving lifestyle to the human race.

  • Satisfying human desire and aspirations.

Our strengths....

  • An established vertically integrated organization covering textile manufacturing, garment making and wholesaling.

  • A market driven corporation with established brands targeting well defined and non-competing niches.

  • A prudent company managed by a team of young, dynamic and highly trained professionals within a synergistic group of complementary businesses.



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