Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

The manufacturing business is vertically integrated. Its on-house knitting, dyeing, design, tailoring and cutting, sewing and finishing activities are controlled under one roof. Full integration and independence of the various production processes gives the company better control over costs, quality and delivery schedules. This competitive feature is undeniably unique within the industry in Malaysia.

Knitting...... the production of fabric

Dyeing..... the coloration and treatment of cloth

Design and sampling...... the creative input of fashion

Tailoring and cutting...... the fabrication of the garment components

Sewing........ the assembly of clothing parts

Quality control and finishing.... the key to repeat purchase

Warehousing....the management of inventory


The benefits of controlling the manufacturing business under one roof include the following:

  • Shorter production lead time

  • Quick response to market requirements

  • Ability to produce at competitive prices

  • Ability to fulfil orders of lower minimum quantity and of greater variety

  • Firm control of the production processes

  • Reliable delivery schedules

  • Better quality control management



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